A First At Wallace Carlson Printing

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Look at this Vinfoil Optima SF110MF shining at Wallace Carlson Printing in the United States of America!

With this being the 87th overall Vinfoil cold transfer solution in the world, Vinfoil Optima SF110MF number 59, and the first-ever Vinfoil Optima SF110MF in the United States, one can’t deny that Vinfoil’s cold transfer technology is slowly taking over the cold transfer industry.

Vinfol is extremely pleased to see Wallace Carlson embracing the Vinfoil concept. Let this be a great start to their cold transfer journey. Gietz Vinfoil Americas and Vinfoil are there to support them along the way!

Are you also fascinated by the possibilities of cold transfer technology? Don’t wait, and contact Vinfoil for more information today!

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