Introducing: The Vinfoil Venusta SF110MF

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Vinfoil proudly presents the:

Venusta SF110MF, a state-of-the-art cold transfer module with an excellent price-performance ratio.

With the Venusta SF110MF, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy our latest addition to our cold transfer portfolio, including many unique Vinfoil features such as:

  • Foil saving up to 50%, with the option to increase up to 85%
  • Easy (un)loading and job preparation
  • Intelligent job calculations and automatized machine set-up

Don’t miss the benefits to become Vinfoil’s first Venusta customer.

As the first customer, you will get a fully equipped Venusta SF110MF, including an Overhead Reel Manipulator, Speed Package, and a Manual Foil Shaft Changer for the minimal investment of the standard module.

Don’t wait and contact your local agent or Vinfoil for more information.

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