Vinfoil: Ready For Future Growth

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‘s-Hertogenbosch/The Netherlands, 1 February 2021: A change has been made in the company structure of Vinfoil, the world leader in developing cold transfer solutions for the printing industry. Vincent van der Heijden has handed over 30% of his shares to three new co-owners. With this change, the company is further strengthened and is ready for groundbreaking new developments and future growth.

In 2016, when the Vinfoil Optima SF110MF cold transfer solution was introduced on DRUPA, Vinfoil was confident the world would soon discover how unique this masterpiece of cold transfer would turn out to be. This development was expected to be the breakthrough for the company and Vincent van der Heijden, President & C.E.O. of Vinfoil.

In 2020 Vinfoil has sold 24 modules which meant an increase in sales of 118% compared to 2019. Also, Vinfoil has sold its 50th Optima module and 75 cold transfer solutions in total. One cannot deny that the development of the Vinfoil Optima series has played a big role in the current company’s success. Furthermore, Vinfoil engaged in new customer relationships, exciting projects, and one of a kind developments so a bright future for Vinfoil and its cold transfer technology is ensured.

 “Having put my heart and soul in Vinfoil, its people, and cold transfer technology, it is great to see the success of the Optima series and my company flourish into a stable player and world leader in the cold transfer industry. I am proud to announce that with the official handover of 30% of my shares to my son Stefan van der Heijden, my daughter Linda van der Heijden, and my close friend Paul Bolsius the future of the company is ensured. I am looking forward to working with them and our team on further developing Vinfoil. I am sure that the soon to be shared groundbreaking new developments will confirm Vinfoil’s number one position in the cold transfer and printing industry.” says Vincent van der Heijden.

Stefan van der Heijden – General Manager, Vinfoil:
“I always dreamt of working and owning a company together with my dad. With the handover of shares, this dream has now become reality. Over the past years, I have seen massive growth in our company and I am looking forward to further work on sharing the cold transfer message all around the world.

Linda van der Heijden – HR Manager & Internal Control, Vinfoil:
“It makes me proud to be part of the family company and contribute to the further growth of Vinfoil. I am sure that with our great team we will constantly look for new developments that will help in strengthening the Vinfoil name and company.

 Paul Bolsius – Finance Manager, Vinfoil:
“Deep down I always have been a real entrepreneur. Being given this chance has made me proud and I am looking forward to helping to guide the organization to growth in every way possible.”

About Vinfoil

Vinfoil was founded in 2007 by Vincent van der Heijden, a true tech fanatic who was fascinated by the possibilities of cold foil. Vincent worked with his small, dedicated team in the Netherlands to create an innovative machine. Since then, he continued to discover even more possibilities of this extraordinary material ensuring the future of the company and the cold transfer technology.

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