What are the key factors for the growing success of cold transfer technology in the graphic industry?

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  1. Inline production of metal effects and print applications in the same press is reducing the production time for packaging or label products to a minimum by eliminating additional steps. By producing inline at high speeds up to 20.000 sh/hr the combination of cold transfer and print applications not only reduces the complexity of the production process…….it also creates additional capacity in production.


  1. Packaging and label products decorated with cold transfer are enlarging the packaging design toolbox by offering fine lines, fonts and even halftones next to solid areas applied in metal. By overprinting these areas inline in the printing units after cold transfer the variety of metallic shades is reaching far beyond the limitations of other existing metal decorating processes. By adding different inline coating effects in single or double coater presses e.g. soft touch coatings, holographic UV applications or even inline embossing/debossing the possibilities in design and flexibility are becoming unlimited.


  1. By developing solutions which enable printers to reduce their cold transfer film consumption by up to 85% Vinfoil have made their contribution to reduce material costs significantly. Minimizing these costs not only results in competitive pricing……..it also is reducing the waste of plastic involved creating a smaller carbon footprint.


  1. The reduction of press downtime due to reel changeovers in combination with significant reductions in foil consumption have convinced many print buyers & packaging printers using Vinfoil products to shift large volume jobs from hot stamping or laminated board to cold transfer. At press rates of 350-400 $/hr it really makes a difference whether 50 reel changeovers are taking 5 or 25 hours. And at run lengths of 300,000 sheets it really makes a difference whether it takes 1.1 or 2.2 million ft² of cold transfer foil to produce the job. That´s why cold transfer volumes of 6 to 10 million sheets or sometimes even up to 20 million sheets per year and press have become no exception.
  1. Cold transfer foil suppliers as well as blanket & adhesive manufacturers have put enormous effort in developing consumables making cold transfer more sustainable, user friendly and economic:


  • Reduction of cold transfer film thickness from 12 to 6 micron reducing the plastic in combination with increased detail sharpness, metallic brilliance due to better release and reduction of adhesive layer thickness
  • Recycling of used cold transfer reels to plastic granulate
  • 6 micron foil reels are offering up to 30,000 sheets from one roll
  • Development of low migration adhesives for packaging products
  • Development of LED UV or HUV compatible adhesives to reduce energy consumption
  • Availability of cold transfer blankets which are optimizing the transfer of the metal layer
  • Availability of adhesive blankets to reduce adhesive tack to a minimum


The product portfolio of solution providers for cold transfer has been extended to offer taylormade solutions for any investment & production volume. Vinfoil is offering this whole range from basic products like the Micro delivering full web and multi reel solutions as well as UV film casting to the Optima for high volumes in packaging & label production. Our products are available in all press sizes from 28” to very large format presses and in combination with our global service & application network we will be able to provide answers to all of your individual challenges and solutions for your individual requirements……..anytime and anywhere.

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