Vinfoil designs & Manufactures top-in-class, high-tech machines.

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Vinfoil makes sure you can live up to your client’s expectations by ensuring that our modules meet the highest quality and performance standards. With almost 15 years of experience in the printing industry, we understand your needs and are equally committed to your high standards. That is why we are proud to introduce the high-quality products and services of Vinfoil™.

vinfoil facts

Over 17 years of experience in the graphic industry

Over 110 installations all over the world

Number one choice of industry leaders

Patented foil saving technology: Multiple Foil Use (MFU)

Vinfoil designs and manufactures top-in-class, high-tech machines. We specialize in meeting the demands of the printing industry. Since 2007, our compact family-owned business has been developing innovative cold transfer machines. Today, Vinfoil develops the world’s best, most effective machines for cold transfer printing.

Vinfoil was founded in 2007 by Vincent van der Heijden, a true tech fanatic who was fascinated by the possibilities of cold foil. Vincent worked with his small, dedicated team in the Netherlands to create an innovative machine. Since then, the Vinfoil team continued to grow and is discovering even more possibilities of this extraordinary material every day, ensuring the future of the company and cold transfer technology.

Fascinated by the possibilities of cold transfer technology?

Let us show you how the Vinfoil cold transfer concept will guide you to optimal foil savings, increased profitability, and unique sustainable packaging.