Sustainable packaging is the future, cold transfer technology is the answer!

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increase the sustainability of your products...

With many brand owners looking for possibilities to increase the sustainability of their products, an investment in cold transfer technology is an investment in eco-friendly packaging, a sustainable future, and the answer to making the world a better place.

With no plastics being transferred to the packaging, cold transfer technology is one of the most sustainable embellishment technologies in the world.

Every cold transfer packaging is recyclable and the materials used during the process are confirmed to be 100% de-inkable. Make your customers look no further, cold transfer is the answer!

Vinfoil contributes to increasing the sustainability level of the industry by connecting with myclimate. With this partnership, Vinfoil is the only cold transfer solution manufacturer in the world that guarantees a 100% carbon compensated production process for all its cold transfer solutions.

This makes Vinfoil not only a profitable but also the most sustainable choice in the cold transfer industry!

closing the loop

One of the major players of the print and packaging industry – LEONHARD KURZ – offers the world’s first recycling system for used PET transfer product carrier: RECOSYS®. After picking up your stamped transfer film cores, they turn the PET carrier into new injection molding material, called RECOPOUND®.

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“Our customers are always looking for more ways to offer unique products. This already starts at the packaging. Therefore we are always looking to have the broadest product portfolio. Having Vinfoil's cold transfer technology allows us to offer one-of-a-kind packaging solutions to our customers and gives us a competitive advantage at the same time.
Mr. Michal Krywulec

General Manager - Tamir Packaging Poland