foil saving methods

Foil Saving Methods

Multiple Foil Use (MFU)

Offering our customers optimal foil-saving solutions was one of the most important lessons learned since founding Vinfoil in 2007. Therefore, we developed Vinfoil’s unique Multiple Foil Use (MFU) technology to reach optimal foil savings.

By guiding the foil web back into the printing nip (after transferring parts of the metallic layer for the first time) a foil web can be used up to three times during the same job and foil savings up to 85% can be reached. (Compared to full web and laminated board, depending on the job.)


Vinfoil Intelligent Foil Optimizing Program (VIFOP)

By adding our Vinfoil Intelligent Foil Optimizing Program (VIFOP) to the equation we help our customers to increase their foil savings in every job.

VIFOP is an online software for calculating foil consumption. The consumption is quickly calculated by uploading a PDF file of a job. The results can be exported to your Vinfoil cold transfer module, automatically setting the Multiple Foil Use (MFU) decks and Foil Shaft Changer (FSC). With this pre-set data, your job can start within minutes!*

Want to know your job’s foil saving percentage?

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*Optional for Vinfoil Micro Modules. Our Vinfol Micro modules are equipped with the multi-reel foil saving feature, making it possible to save up to 50% of foil compared to full web production.

"The Vinfoil Optima® SF110 GF allows us the biggest optimization of foil saving and it is a modern solution offering quick reel change over. We also have made a research before our final decision. In the opinion of current users the Vinfoil service showed a very good competence which was one of the key points for our choice."
Mr. Zbigniew Pieczonka

Owner - Karton-Pak Cieszyn, Poland