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We challenge you, to challenge us.

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To remain innovative we look further than our machinery.

We challenge ourselves by always looking for the next big thing! Next to the cold transfer process, our multidisciplinary team specializes in technical engineering, software programming, and printing application techniques. With an industry that evolves at a rapid pace, it requires you to remain innovative.

Let’s combine our values with your expertise. Let’s turn idea’s into machines. 

We open up to you, become our partner, and let’s work on the future today!

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“We have to offer our customers options to technically execute the premium products they require, whilst taking into account the ever increasing demands of flexibility and sustainability. The Vinfoil Optima SF110MF was our preferred option in delivering this extra process to enhance our current capabilities”.
Mr. Huw Roberts

Director of Sales, Beamglow Ltd, United Kingdom

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Let us help you in creating the best sustainable and mind-blowing packaging.

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